What is a Kamado Grill?

What is a Kamado Grill?
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So, what exactly is a Kamado Grill? A kamado grill (aka Kamado Smoker, Kamado Oven or Kamado Cooker) is traditional Japanese charcoal or wood burning oven. A kamado is so much more than a standard barbecue…


What can you do with a Kamado?

Kamado ovens are unique in that they offer a variety of cooking methods. With a kamado, you can:

  • Cook meats like pork shoulder and beef brisket ‘low and slow’
  • Smoke meats with charcoal and hardwood lumps
  • Bake delicious Neapolitan pizza & fresh bread
  • Grill meats and vegetables
  • Steam a variety of foods
  • Stir-fry


What does Kamado Mean?

Translated literally from Japanese, kamado means “stove” in English.

What are the benefits of a Kamado grill?

So, we know that kamado grills offer versatility. You can slow cook meats, grill, bake, steam and more. But there are several other great benefits:

  • Heat retention: the unique design of the kamado delivers excellent heat retention. All heat released by burning charcoal cooks the food
  • Incredibly delicious flavours: cooking with charcoal and hardwood adds sumptuously smokey flavours to food
  • Even heat distribution: The design of the kamado delivers an even distribution of heat every time
  • Steady heat: regulating the temperature is simple
  • Moisture retention: the moisture within the food you’re cooking is kept where it should be, in it! Expect juicy food every time.
  • Long lasting cooks: charcoal consumption is a lot lower than that of a standard barbecue
  • Low maintenance: a kamado is virtually maintenance free and ease of cleaning

Also, here’s a link to a great video about the benefits of the kamado.


What are the disadvantages of a Kamado grill?

There are two minor disadvantages of kamado grills. Firstly, being manufactured from ceramic material they are fragile. If they get a hard knock in the wrong place they will crack. However, manufacturers of kamado grills provide excellent limited warranties on the ceramic parts.

Secondly, kamado grills can take some time to light. But this is the case with all charcoal grills. And there is a simple solution; give yourself lots of time during cooks. Take your time and enjoy!


How does a kamado work?

Kamados are made of ceramic and shaped like a big egg or oval. These two things are the keys to how a kamado works.

The ceramic reflects heat and is an excellent insulator. The powerful insulating properties of the ceramic delivers excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining the desired temperature. This delivers excellent control over the cooking process. So, it cooks food cooks evenly and stays juicy.

The oval shape and throttling of the air flow regulates the air flow and temperature. The egg, or oval shape, creates a current of hot air. Fresh air enters at the bottom vent. It’s used in the charcoal and the gases vent out the top.

Here’s a link to my full article which describes how a kamado oven works.


Is a Kamado Grill worth it?

In a word, YES! Buying a kamado grill is well worth the investment.