Kamado Bono Minimo Review & Overview

Kamado Bono Minimo Review & Overview
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Once again, Kamado Bono are offering charcoal grilling and smoking without the big price tags we find with other kamado brands. In my Kamado Bono Minimo overview I’ll review its specifications and features. Also, I hope to be able to shed some light on why there’s such a price difference between these kamados.


First impression: Lookin’ good!Pro: It’s good valueCon: Not all accessories included
Cooking grate: 34 cm (13.4″)Price: €399Light-up time: 15 mins


About the Kamado Bono Minimo

The Kamado Bono Minimo has a grill diameter of 34 cm (13.4″). It’s marketed as being compact enough to cater for outdoor picnics or grilling on terraces. Also, it’s said to be ideal for smaller groups of up to 5 people. Kamado Bono say that this grill can cook 8 burgers, a full chicken, 4 steaks or a 23 cm diameter pizza. However, I think Kamado Bono may have been generous in stating the scope of what can be cooked on the Minimo at the same time.

As with all kamados, with the Kamado Bono Minimo you can:

  • Grill directly over charcoal using direct heat: for grilling chicken, ham, pork chops etc.
  • Cook indirectly over charcoal using indirect heat: for cooking pizza, chicken, beef, ham, pork, lamb etc.
  • Smoke meats using charcoal and different varieties of wood


Features & specifications

  • 40 cm (15.8″) outer diameter ceramic grill, firebox, fire ring and lid with a fibreglass gasket
  • 34 cm (13.4″) diameter stainless-steel cooking grate
  • Single zone stainless steel grill rack
  • Single piece ceramic heat deflector for indirect cooking
  • Pre-installed stainless steel dome thermometer
  • Cast iron top vent for throttling airflow out
  • Stainless steel bottom vent for throttling airflow in
  • Sturdy iron stand
  • All tools required for assembly
  • A choice of colours: red or black


The Competition

The Kamado Bono Minimo has lots of competition. Smaller kamado grills have become very popular so most brands of kamado are selling equivalent sized kamados. With a grill grate diameter of 34 cm, the Minimo is a bit larger than both the Small Big Green Egg and the Monolith Icon. The Joe Junior matches it at 34 cm (13.4″).

The Kamado Bono Minimo is currently (and very keenly) priced at €399. The main competitors to the Minimo are:


The Packaging

When it comes to the packaging of any kamado, it’s really important that the ceramic of the kamado is protected from any knocks or bumps. I’d expect this kamado to be delivered in a heavy duty corrugated cardboard box which or even on a small pallet.

Everything should securely packaged for shipping. I’d expect the firebox, fire ring, cooking grate and grill rack to be stored inside the kamado. They should all individually wrapped in plastic wrap. Other components such as the bamboo lid handle and tools needed for assembly could be packed around the body of the kamado.


What’d be inside the box?

  • The ceramic grill, lid with fibreglass gasket
  • The internal firebox and fire ring
  • Single zone grilling system with a stainless steel cooking grid
  • Single piece ceramic heat deflector for indirect cooking
  • Grill dome thermometer
  • Cast iron top vent
  • Cast iron firebox ash grate
  • Stainless steel grill gripper tool
  • Steel ash removal tool (fire poker)
  • Sturdy iron stand (needs assembly)
  • Bamboo handle
  • All tools required for assembly
  • Protective cover
  • BBQ grill and guide book
The 34 cm Kamado Bono Minimo Ceramic Grill in Black, with all the supplied accessories
The 34 cm Kamado Bono Minimo Ceramic Grill in Black, with all the supplied accessories


Recommended accessories

I’d recommend buying several accessories which don’t come as standard with the Bono Minimo. These are all well worth having with any kamado. I get great use out of all of them with my Kamado Bono Grande and Picnic.


Kamado Bono Minimo Setup Process

Weighing in at a substantial 46 kg (with packaging), this mid-sized kamado is very heavy. It’s very important to have help for assembling it. It’s best practice to assemble the heavy duty stand before moving the kamado itself. Once the is stand built, get some help to lift the kamado into it.


What else you need to start cooking

In addition to what’s supplied as standard, you need some other bits and pieces to get started. So, you’ll need to buy charcoal, charcoal lighters and a lighter. I’d recommend a bag of Texas Club Charcoal and a Looftlighter charcoal lighter. Here’s a good explanation of how to light your kamado for the first time.


All kamado ovens are versatile. You can perfectly cook different meats. As with this and larger kamado ovens, you can even cook pizza. This kamado will retain heat very well and easily holds temperatures for longer cooks. It’ll be very economical on charcoal consumption too. Generally speaking, you just need to add some fresh lumps of charcoal before each cook.



With all kamados, cleaning is easy. Light your charcoal and with both the top and bottom vents fully open. Leave the lid open for 10 minutes and then close the lid. Opening both vents fully will allow a roaring hot temperature to develop inside. Any grease, oil, fat or dirt simply burns off. And voila, you have a cleaned kamado. Make sure to put in the grill grates, deflector plates too and pizza stone too. I find myself cleaning out the ash after about 4 or 5 cooks.


The Result: TBC…

Unfortunately, I have never cooked on a Minimo so can’t say definitively how I’d rate it. However, I love cooking on both my Kamado Bono Picnic and the Kamado Bono Grande. They both consistently deliver on flavour every time, are lean on charcoal consumption are excellent value for money.

So, if my Kamado Bono Picnic and Grande are anything to go by, this will be an excellent value, no frills kamado. I’d expect this grill to be economic, consume little charcoal and the cooking temperature should be easy to manage.

It’s between €121 and €410 cheaper than the competition. The price difference may be down to the branding or that not as many accessories are supplied.



The Kamado Bono Minimo is available from BBQ4You.eu and in stores for €399.