Kamado Bono Ash Basket Review

Kamado Bono Ash Basket Review
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Also known as a Kamado Charcoal Basket, I bought my Kamado Bono Ash Basket to fit my Kamado Bono Grande. I’d read that it was essential for saving time and mess so I decided to get one. So let’s see if it lived up to its name in my kamado Bono ash basket review…


Price: €59.99- €69.99Pro: It’s saves mess and charcoalCon: It’s kinda expensive
Weight: 1 kgMaterial: Heavy duty stainless steelCapacity: 5 Litres of charcoal


ABOUT THE Kamado Bono Grande Ash Basket

The ash catcher is designed to make the cleaning of your kamado more easy. It acts as a big sieve for filtering your used charcoal. After each cook, simply give it a shake. The dusty ash and bits of old charcoal drop into the belly of the kamado to be cleaned out. When it comes to long cooks, it’s really important to clean the ash from your kamado and replace or top up the old charcoal with fresh charcoal. With an ash basket, you’re able to this it just in a few seconds.

Kamado Bono offer two sizes of ash baskets:

  • Media & Grande (€ 59.99)
  • Limited (€ 69.99)


Fresh Texas Club Charcoal in my Ash Basket
Fresh Texas Club Charcoal in my Kamado Bono Grande Ash Basket



This kamado ash basket features a dividing grate. So for smaller cooks which don’t need a full refill of charcoal, you can split the volume of the basket in two. Or, you can fill both sides of the basket for bigger cooks. It’s a simple but handy feature which saves charcoal.

  • Material: Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Capacity: roughly 5 L of charcoal
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Height: 14 cm (5.5″)
  • Diameter: 35 cm (13.8″)



This is another easy kamado accessory to use. After a clean out, place the ash basket in the firebox of your kamado. Fill with some lumpwood charcoal and get cooking. The day after your cook and when the embers have completely cooled, lift the ash basket and move the charcoal around. The useless dust and small pieces of waste charcoal will drop through the gaps. Larger pieces will be left cleaner and ready for use again. Refill with charcoal and repeat!

Top tip: use an infrared thermometer to check that the charcoal is cold to touch. It’s really important to make sure to wait until all of the charcoal has completely cooled before attempting to clean or adding charcoal to your kamado. If you don’t then you will get burnt. Your kamado is excellent at keeping heat in and this means it’s slow to cool. The best thing to do is to wait for a day after your last use before cleaning the kamado or adding charcoal.



This ash basket does what it says on the tin. It consistently leaves me with a cleaner kamado. Also, it makes for easy refilling and reuse of charcoal. So, in conclusion, an ash basket will save a lot of mess. Also, it makes enables reuse of charcoal.

Overall Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



The Kamado Bono Ash Basket from BBQ4U.com for €59.99 – €69.99. There are several different brands which sell various versions of their ash catchers. For example, Kamado Joe® have a Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket and there’s also a Kick Ash Basket available too. I’d recommend shopping around to get the right size and shape for your kamado.