How do you light a pizza oven?

How do you light a pizza oven?
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How do you light a pizza oven? I’ve been asked this question so many times. So, I’ve decided to outline how I light my wood fired pizza oven. However, it’s worth mentioning that there’s no perfect way to do it. Lighting a gas fired pizza oven is as simple as rotating a knob. So these are just my guidelines for lighting a wood fired pizza oven…


How to light a pizza oven:

  1. Build a tower of kindling in the middle of the refractory stone, towards the front of the oven. You can put a natural firelighter in the centre of the kindling too (NEVER use lighter fluid to light your pizza oven)
  2. Next, set light to the kindling and firelighter, making sure the kindling lights as the fire builds
  3. Keep adding kindling pieces to the fire every couple of minutes to help the fire gain size and heat. After a few minutes the fire will build to a reasonable size and the heat will become intense
  4. Over the next 5 minutes, allow the fire to keep building and keep feeding it more kindling. The fire should then be ready to be pushed to the back of the oven
  5. Once the fire has been pushed back, add 3 or 4 pieces of hardwood. I’d recommend pieces of around 6″ x 1″ / 15 x 2.5 cm
  6. You should now have a good bed of red embers along with a healthy flame and are now ready to start cooking!
  7. While you’re cooking, every 15 minutes or so add 3-4 more 6″ / 15 cm logs of hardwood directly onto the embers . This will maintain a healthy fire and heat. If you don’t add the logs of hardwood, the flame can start to die
  8. Control the air flow into and out of the pizza oven by adjusting the air vents.
  9. Get cooking delicious pizza! Check out my delicious Neapolitan pizza dough recipe here.



So, I hope I’ve managed to give a good overview of how to light a pizza oven. If you want to find out more about my thoughts on wood fired pizza ovens, check out my review of my wood fired pizza oven here.