How do you Clean a Kamado?

How do you Clean a Kamado?
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It’s important to know how do you clean a kamado. Keeping your kamado clean is an important and thankfully easy process. Firstly, it’s very important for food hygiene. Nobody will thank you for cooking using filthy kamado! Secondly, cleaning your kamado will ensure optimum cooking performance. Finally, you’ll ensure there’ll be no cross contamination of flavours from one cook to another.

Do you need to clean a kamado?

Yes! I clean my kamado if:

  • I haven’t cooked on my kamado for a while
  • There’s any sign of mould inside
  • It gets particularly dirty after lots of low and slow cooking


My Kamado Bono Picnic deserves and needs a good clean!
My filthy Kamado Bono Picnic deserves some TLC!


Kamado Self Cleaning

This process is really simple because your kamado cleans itself. When you set your kamado up to burn above 600°F (315°C) any any oils, grease or dirt will simply burn off. It’s also worth mentioning that you should never use any chemicals to clean your kamado or any of its parts. These chemicals can be absorbed into the ceramic of your kamado. When you cook again your food may taste of the chemicals and be dangerous to eat.

How do you clean a ceramic kamado:

  1. Remove the cooking grates, racks, heat deflectors, pizza stone etc.
  2. Open both vents fully, fill with charcoal and light a fire.
  3. After about 10 mins and once the fire is established, insert cooking grates, racks, heat deflectors, pizza stone and close the lid
  4. Let the temperature come up to its 600°F (315°C) or more. Leave it at this temperature for about 15 mins to burn off any dirt and grease
  5. Close the vents and leave it to cool down overnight
  6. Wipe or brush the grill grates, heat deflectors or baking stones clean of any loose dirt and remove them again
  7. Making sure the ash is completely cold, empty out the ash
  8. Insert everything back into the kamado again get cooking again!!
Kamado Joe have a great video demonstrating these steps too.


How do you clean Kamado grill grates?

You clean kamado grill grates by inserting them into your kamado during the process outlined above.

How to clean mold from Kamado Joe

It’s normal to find some mould on your kamado from time to time. It grows when moisture accumulates on the ceramic and can’t escape. By following the process outlined above, you will clean all the mold from your kamado.

The Kamado Bono Grande with pizza stone, grills and heat deflectors after a clean out.
The Kamado Bono Grande with pizza stone, grills and heat deflectors after a clean out.