Beer Can Chicken Stand Review

Beer Can Chicken Stand Review
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I’ve had my Beer Can Chicken Stand since I bought my Kamado Bono Grande. Some of the best chicken I’ve eaten has been thanks to it! Cooking the chicken upright means it will retain those delicious juices and aromas. In my Beer Can Chicken Stand Review I drive into what makes this accessory so great for kamado cooking.

Height: 11 cmPro: It’s great valueCon: None
Weight: 0.5 kgPrice: €19.99Capacity: 272 ml


ABOUT The CERAMIC Chicken Stand

The ceramic chicken stand works by evaporating flavoured fluid (like beer!) into a chicken as it cooks. So, the Ceramic Chicken Stand is basically a reservoir you fill with a flavor. Simply fill it with your favourite marinade or beer, sit the whole chicken on top and let it cook. By using a chicken stand in a kamado, you cook the whole chicken inside with delicious flavours while getting that amazing grilled taste on the outside.

Once your oven or smoker has enough space, you can use the chicken stand in:

  • Suitably sized kamados
  • Large home ovens
  • Deep smokers



There is one size available. Kamado Bono state that this accessory is suitable only for use in their Grande or Media grills. So, for example, this wouldn’t be suitable for use in the smaller kamado ovens out there like the Kamado Bono Picnic.

  • Material: ceramic stone
  • Diameter at mouth: 6.3 cm (2.5″)
  • Diameter at base: 13 cm (5.1″)
  • Fluid capacity: 270 ml
  • Height: 11 cm (4.3″)
  • Weight: 0.5 kg



This is a really straightforward kamado accessory to use. Start to heat up your barbecue, grill or oven. Meanwhile, get to work on filling your ceramic chicken stand with those flavours. The possibilities of different flavour combinations are endless. I like to use a delicious wheat beer, such as Hoegaarden. I also throw in some cloves of garlic and some thyme. Place the chicken stand in your kamado for 5 minutes. This will let the fluid mixture to come up to the same temperature as the oven. Sit the chicken onto the stand and let it cook. That’s it!

Top tip: Use a digital thermometer to test that the chicken is cooked. Stick the probe deep into the breast of the chicken. Temperatures above 73 °C (164 °F) are safe to eat.

A large tongs or BBQ fork are useful utensils for this cook too.



What’s not to like? This ceramic chicken stand produces some best chicken I’ve ever cooked. The inside of the chicken is juicy, tender and full of flavour. The outside is deliciously char-grilled.

Overall Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



This ceramic chicken stand is available from for €19.99. There are lots of different brands which sell different versions of vertical chicken stands to choose from too.

But make sure to check that a chicken mounted on stand will fit in your oven!