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About me

I’m Colin, a home cook with a passion for kamado cooking, pizza making and basically all things BBQ. I’m going to share some information about me and my journey of discovery in the world of kamado cooking.


My story

I started cooking on a small cast iron BBQ and then progressed onto a large kettle style BBQ. I bought my first kamado grill a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. It enables me to cook delicious foods in a multitude of different ways.

However, in learning how to cook on my kamado, I struggled to find a decent and objective resource for recipes, cooking methods and helpful how-to guides. Most websites or videos are great but are biased and trying to sell me something. So, I decided to set up my kamado cooking blog to share my unbiased product reviews, recipes, rubs and how-to guides with other like-minded kamado enthusiasts and home cooks.

I don’t accept payments for my reviews. However, I do accept kamado products, rubs and foods to review. But the opinions and views expressed are completely my own.

I’m not just a meat eater. I really enjoy cooking and eating good vegetarian food. I aim to be as prepared as I can for each cook and use the freshest, healthiest ingredients.


Delicious tomahawk steak on the Kamado Bono Grande
A delicious tomahawk steak cooking on my Kamado Bono Grande



I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy and absolutely love Neapolitan pizza. I’m striving to replicate the thin crusted Neapolitan Pizza I’ve eaten there. So far, I’ve tried lots of different pizza dough recipes and I’m confident I’m on the path to finding the perfect cooking method in the best pizza oven.


Did I mention about me and my obsession with Traditional Neapolitan Pizza?!
Did I mention about me and my obsession with Traditional Neapolitan Pizza?!


Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my kamado experiences. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about me, please get in contact with me.